Urgent Metamorphosis is the product of the Ludum Dare #35 Compo. The Ludum Dare Compo is a Game Jam that gives a single developer 48 hours to make a game from scratch based on a theme. There were over 1100 Compo entries for Ludum Dare #35. The theme was Shapeshifter. This was my first game jam and second game "release" ever. 

Mechanically, the game is very simple. You rapidly press a button that matches a color displayed on a monitor to fill up a meter. There's a limited amount of time to fill a meter above a line. If you make it in time, you have succeeded on that level and you move on the the next level which requires more button presses to fill the meter and has more color changes on the monitor. 

The theme integration is in the result of your button presses. 

There is a werewolf that you're trying to turn back into a human. Each level gives you the chance to change one body part. The game gets very difficult, which is intended to make the player not be able to fully finish transforming the werewolf to human and leave them with a silly looking abomination. 

You can play Urgent Metamorphosis for free at itch.io.