Suburban Scavengers is a tug of war style fighting game where you're trying to get somebody's garbage couch into your house.

Suburban Scavengers is Ryan Dombrowski's award winning third project in progress at Doombrowski; the previous two being Dess M-8 and Urgent Metamorphosis.

The game was inspired by the June theme of One Game a Month which was "couch". 

Suburban Scavengers was released as a free early access demo version in November 2016 with a full version currently in the works with an estimated release date of early 2018. The full version will include more levels, players, and items to push around.

The game is currently in pre-alpha and all things that you see about the game are subject to change. (art, music, gameplay)

If you'd like to keep up with the development of Suburban Scavengers, check out the blog page here on or check out my Twitter where I post updates about the game regularly.

Doombrowski Suburban Scavengers Oix Award