salt assault banner.png

Salt Assault is a multi-player card game where you argue, insult people, there is no winner, and there's one loser. 

Inspired by working in a gaming shop, Salt Assault brings the spirit of pissy people who can't enjoy a game without complaining and name-calling to life like never before. Soon, you too can say, "Piss off, ass hat!" or "Suck a chode, idiot!" to that annoying person who totally has it coming. With over 950 possible insult combinations using 2 cards alone, Salt Assault brings freshness to your insult game.

But what if I want to continue insulting people even if I don't have people to play the game with? 

Salt Assault cards can be given to people to let them know how you feel. With the low price point of $15, you can buy a deck just to hand out insults to the stupid idiots that you encounter. 

Where can I get this game? I need to tell somebody to eat a dick using cardboard right now!

I need your help to get this sweet ass game made. Subscribe to the social media networks below to be informed when the Salt Assault crowd funding campaign starts. There will be some sweet perks for backers including an early access pdf copy of the game! You can also help right now by backing me on Patreon at the link below.