Response is a 2 day personal game jam game completed over a weekend in early January 2017 by Ryan Dombrowski and Kale Brownell

Our idea for Response was to make a game with an adaptive soundtrack and a strong sense of morality.

Response is a simple exploration game where you encounter situations that you can choose to assist with. When making a decision or encountering a new scenario, the music changes based on what you encounter and how you choose to interact with it. 

Response has heavy metaphorical undertones of decisions of all types having impact and being concrete. (ie, you can go back in time to change them)

Response was brought to Otronicon in January of 2017 and received a positive reception.

The plan is to continue to add interactions that branch multiple different ways, all with their own music tracks, and to create a much more content rich and lively world.

The current build of Response has 6 different interactable scenarios and 4 slightly different endings.