About Doombrowski

Doombrowski is a Game Development company currently consisting of Ryan Dombrowski as the sole member. He has worked on games using Game Maker since August 2015. Doombrowski has two published games: Dess M-8, and Urgent Metamorphosis, and is working on his third, Suburban Scavengers.

Doombrowski was founded January of 2016.

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Suburban Scavengers

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About Suburban Scavengers

Suburban Scavengers is a tug of war style fighting game where you're trying to get somebody's garbage couch into your house.

Suburban Scavengers is Ryan Dombrowski's third solo project in progress at Doombrowski; the previous two being Dess M-8 and Urgent Metamorphosis.

The game was inspired by the June theme of One Game a Month which was "couch." 

Suburban Scavengers is set to release with a free early access demo version in November of 2016. There will be a full version available early 2017. The full version will include more levels, players, and items to push around.



Intense match of Suburban Scavengers at Orlando iX 2016.

Dess M-8

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About Dess M-8

Dess M-8 is a soothing yet frantic arcade style time-attack puzzle shooter. Created solely for the purpose of giving 1 guy something to do on his phone, Dess M-8 grew from a 20 level mini game to a 70+ level brain twister. Designed specifically with mobile touch devices in mind, Dess M-8 brings the heart of old classic side scrolling shooters like Contra, Gradius, and R-Type, and adds a sense of urgency with a constantly decreasing clock as the only true enemy.

Available on Android and PC at Doombrowski.com, Google Play, itch.io, and Amazon Apps.


Dess M-8 Trailer