The Beginning

For far too long, Winter Haven has been without a reliable, abundantly stocked, adequately run comic and gaming store. In the past, I have tossed around the idea of opening a place of my own only to be stopped by self-doubt and fear of losing the large investment that’s required to run a retail business.

It’s time to face those fears and dive in head first.

I am starting this venture by breaking down the expenses for basic necessities. I am going to post pictures whenever I obtain new items to be used in the future game store.

I will keep an updated list of the items that are needed and the items that have been acquired. This will be available to anybody who is interested in keeping track of the shop’s progress or donating items themselves. This will include everything from display counters to ball point pens. Even the smallest items are important to running a business.

I have this vision of a community coming together, helping build a place where they can feel welcome, have fun, escape the stress, and have that excitement of new games to learn and play.

The road ahead is rough and winding, but this is something that needs to be done. I will keep taking steps towards my American Dream and you’re all welcome to join me.

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