DGC Progress Update - January 12th, 2019

It’s getting so close I can smell it!

The latest acquired items are as follows:
1x Prep table for holding drink fridge
1x Cash Drawer
1x Barcode Scanner
1x Receipt Printer
2x Screen protector for point of sale
10X Rolls of Thermal Receipt Paper

Some of the items are still in boxes and aren’t as exciting to look at, but I do have a picture of what the cash register looks like in all its glory.


Cash register setups are expensive, and I’m very happy to have that expense out of the way.

I also had a talk with a Games Workshop representative, and will soon be in the process of getting a contract signed and some awesome miniatures, paints, and paint accessories on their way to the new shop!

Also, I’m on my way to talk to the building manager of the place that I’ve had my eye on. I’m hoping to be able to strike a deal and have a move-in date very soon.

The building is a huge benchmark. There are so many things that I cannot do until I have an address for the business.

I’m flipping excited and freaked out at the same time.