DGC Progress Update - December 28th, 2018

Merry belated Christmas everyone! Here with another update on shop progress.

I passed a big landmark and have over half of the necessary items to furnish the store!

The items that I recently acquired are:
1x iPad Air for cash register
1x Square iPad stand
2x Black Wire Metal Shelves w/casters
2x 4x8 Wargaming tables
1x Wire snack rack
1x DGC Business Stamp

I don’t have pictures of everything because some items are still in the mail and others are incomplete (the square register). I want to post a picture of the complete register. It’s more exciting that way.

This weekend I may be trying my hand at cutting an 8 foot table in half to make it a 4 foot table. Really hope that goes well. It’s going to be a pain but will be worth it.

I will also be removing the legs from both 4x8 tables since they won’t fit through the door of the building that I’m looking to move into. I’ll just have to reassemble them when they’re inside.

Still waiting to hear back from the bank. However it goes, I may have some news on an opening day estimate day soon.