DGC Progress Update - December 22nd, 2018

This week was a pretty good one for store progression.

First, I had a meeting with a business loan officer at a local bank that went well. I’ve turned in all of the necessary paperwork and will be awaiting their decision. Fingers crossed.

I picked up the following items:
Wireless phones w/bluetooth capability.
4x Play area chairs (500lb capacity)
12 cube shelf for graphic novels and toys

I also painted the lateral filing cabinets from the ugly yellow to a cleaner black. They’re going to be behind the counter, but they’ll still be seen so I made them look at least somewhat presentable.

After Christmas, I’m hoping to be finishing up purchasing most of the furnishings (aside from the ones that I will be having delivered straight to the shop on move in day).

My goal is to try to open before April. I’ll definitely let everyone know the day I sign the lease.

This stuff is exciting and terrifying. Hopefully I do it right.


I’m still keeping my eyes open for some items that I think I may be able to find second hand to save some money. Here are some pictures of what I’m looking for in case you want to help find some deals with me.

needed items.jpg