DGC Progress Update - December 8th, 2018

This one was unexpected.

The plan was to try to pick up a 70” jewelry display counter, which I would re-purpose as a solid non-display counter for the register and front computer. I was messaged by some friends who let me know that somebody was selling tables, chairs, and wargaming tables. I went to go look at the wargaming tables to possibly purchase one. Well, the price of the tables was not right but, after asking about some shelves, I was told their very reasonable price and decided to pick up 4 of them!

Now I’ll have space for all of my Wargaming items to look super fancy! 16 feet of sweet succulent shelving. :)


I’m still keeping my eyes open for some items that I think I may be able to find second hand to save some money. Here are some pictures of what I’m looking for in case you want to help find some deals with me.

needed items.jpg