DGC Progress Update - December 6th, 2018

Well well well. It turns out I am still picking up stuff for the shop.

I know that there was quite a gap between posts, but I have been doing lots of work getting things organized for the future shop. I’ve met with mentors, real estate agents, created loan proposal documents, and searched for sweet bargains on necessity items.

The items that I’ve gotten this week are pretty sweet.

I picked up 4 bar stools for the wargaming table that is yet to be acquired. I also got a new security camera system. It was an extra sweet deal because they made them available without hard drives. A perk of working at a computer shop is that hard drives are abundant so Adam gave me one for free! I picked up 2 pro tier surge protectors as well.

This weekend, I may have the shell of a front counter. I have yet to pick it up, but I’m very much leaning towards getting this 70” fixer upper for a front counter. The price is right. ;)

I have decided on a personal budget and will slowly be picking up more items in the near future. I was waiting on some things to align before going deep on purchasing furnishings and the time is finally at hand.


Keep your eyes open for more progress in the near future. The next update may include some shoddy woodworking and painting done by yours truly.