DGC Progress Update - November 3rd, 2018

A big expense chunk for today’s post. Computers!

1 of the computers will be used for the front desk/register area to do quick price checking, card scanning, inventory management, and online reference. The 2 larger desktops will be customer use computers so people can buy stuff online.

The plan is to have the bulk of the available products if not all of them in the online inventory. It will take a lot of time to create the initial inventory but it will make things simpler and more secure in the long run.

I only have the 1 monitor at the moment, and will be needing 2 more. I may have them soon as well.

In the box are mouse, keyboards, and power cables for each computer. There’s also a surge protector which is a necessity. Only a few more of those and I’ll have access to all the power I need. There are also 2 webcams for use with TCGPlayer’s Quicklist software. 1 will go at the front counter, the other in my office.

I’m hoping to put in an order for some shelves soon. I’ll either do that or pick up more of the small items to finish up the right hand side of the revised spreadsheet that I have keeping track of shop items.

If you know of a place selling any solid top 8 foot plastic tables and/or some chairs, hit me up.


Items Acquired/Needed Spreadsheet

If you would like to donate any items to the cause, small items are still needed.

Extension cables, surge protectors, goo gone, a window squeegee, printer paper, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, and shop rags.

Every little bit helps. Shoot me a message either on facebook, as a comment on this post, or at the email found at the Contact section of this web page if you have and would be willing to donate any of these items.