DGC Progress Update - October 25th, 2018

Cleanliness. That’s the name of the game for this post.

I made a trip to Target and picked up the bulk of the cleaning supplies that I’ll be needing to make sure the tables, chairs, floor, and bathroom are nice and clean at all times.

The items acquired are as follows: Paper clips, duct tape, packing tape, 20 pens, sponges, all purpose cleaner, toilet cleaner x2, toilet brush, plunger, mop, bucket, broom, dust pan, paper towels, 13 gallon trash bags.

Another $100 worth of supplies knocked out. Slow and steady.

I have more items coming from Amazon either today or tomorrow.

I’m very close to having all of the small necessity items. After that, it’ll be lots of waiting until closer to opening to purchase a bunch of big stuff all at once.

Keep your eyes peeled for more progress soon.


Items Acquired/Needed Spreadsheet

If you would like to donate any items to the cause, small items are still needed.

Extension cables, surge protectors, goo gone, a window squeegee, printer paper, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, and shop rags.

Every little bit helps. Shoot me a message either on facebook, as a comment on this post, or at the email found at the Contact section of this web page if you have and would be willing to donate any of these items.