DGC Progress Update - October 20th, 2018

Another small update for this weekend.

Most of the week, I’ve been mapping out possible store layouts using smaller spaces. Around this town, there are lots of small spaces and not very many large ones. I got in touch with a realtor about a space that’s in a location that I like and the small space is more than affordable. Also, if I manage to fit the necessities into a small space, expanding will be much easier.

I have very specific schematics for the layout from above and for the front counter area as seen from the front. The counter will be tight, but I think I’ll be able to fit everything in there. It can comfortably seat 18 as well as 4 for wargaming and expands to have an additional 8 spots for special events.

This week, I purchased some white boards. They’re a necessity for keeping players aware of events and upcoming releases. Since I did a little research before just buying some white boards, I managed to find a cheap alternative that works exactly the same for my purposes. Now, instead of getting just 1x 24”x”36” and 1x 48”x36” board, I managed to get an extra 24”x36” and payed much less overall. The average retail price for a single 24x and a single 48x together is around $100. I paid less than $20. :D

Now I have a calendar board (which I pinstriped to make it look nicer), a releases board to go next to the calendar, and a board to go on the easel that will have specials, and probably some buylist prices or maybe just something silly written on it from time to time.

I’m not sure what my next purchase is going to be, but I’m still on the hunt.

Ooh! And some exciting news, at least to me. I received my Business Certificate of Registration and 2018 Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax today; Both under the name Doombrowski Games & Comics! These items are required to keep things legal and to apply for distributor contracts. Now I’ve got ‘em!


Items Acquired/Needed Spreadsheet

If you would like to donate any items to the cause, small items are definitely needed. The column on the right hand side of the spreadsheet has lots of cleaning supplies, pens, pencils, markers, surge protectors, and whatnot. Every little bit helps. Shoot me a message either on facebook, as a comment on this post, or at the email found at the Contact section of this web page.