DGC Progress Update - October 14th, 2018

Hello again. Doombrowski here with some more progress on items for the future LGS.

Unfortunately, I was unable to pick up some crazy great priced vending machines due to the inability to move them. Apparently, vending machines are stupidly heavy. I was thinking like 400 pounds or so….no. 800. That’s more like it. And that’s an empty machine. Imagine trying to get that on a trailer or in the back of a vehicle. It’s definitely a job for professionals and professionals charge more than what I would be paying for the machines to move things like that.

So, I’m back to the original plan of some chip racks and a drink distributor contract to cover the fridge costs.

But, I did pick up some items today and did do a bit more research on locations and store furniture and tables.

There’s a very reasonably priced location that I’m pretty excited about. If I can get some extra funding soon enough and the spot doesn’t get filled, I could definitely see it being the future home of DGC. I spoke to the person that owns it already. It went well.

I did some pricing on what it would take to build a couple wargaming tables. That’s a project that I’m looking forward to. I like carpentry. My grandpa is a carpenter. I’ll probably be throwing those tables together sometime in the next month.

I also picked up some more trash cans! Now my trash can obsession can be over with. Well…I forgot to get one for my office. Alright, so there’s 1 more trash can that I need to get. But honestly, I have a bucket here at the house that I can use. haha.

So this time around, I have 2x 30+ gallon trash cans, 1x 13 gallon trash can, and some 39 gallon trash bags. People gotsta have a place to put their trash.

I’ll be looking to pick up an iPad air and some cash register items next, I think. Those are definite necessities and are universal to the types of point of sale software that I’ll be ultimately using.

Keep your eyes peeled with some more progress updates and news.