Progress Update - October 9th, 2018

Some larger things have been going on behind the scenes but unfortunately there’s not much that’s interesting to look at related to scouting out building locations and talking to loan officers. I will say that the talk with the first bank went well and that I should know something a little later this week.

As far as location scouting, I’ve mostly just been travelling around town trying to find a space that will accommodate a decent sized play area as well as retail space and taking down contact information. I’m finding that most spaces will only work for just retail or just play space. Play space is important.

Access is also important on my location scout. There are some spaces that are available and adequately sized but are so far tucked away that advertisement would be difficult. In my opinion, a retail space should be close enough to people walking and driving to be seen without any effort.

Until I hear back from the bank, I’m going to be gathering information that will help with running events. So many games are so similar, I want to make sure I have a good reference page put together so everything can run smoothly and that every player can be clear on what’s going on. Each game has its own little nuances on regulations as well. Gotta get that all in order.

Well, I guess there were a few things that I’ve picked up recently that I could let everybody know about. I was on this weird trashcan kick and was super hype about getting trash cans since I found one that was kind of cool…. I didn’t end up getting the cool trash can though. XD I did dig out some rolls of tape, thumbtacks, 2 black ink cartridges, and an audio extension cable so I can have more freedom in mounting speakers. I also have some handy small storage containers which are great for managing paperwork with online tickets. Not pictured are a second larger trash can and some colored permanent markers. There are also a bunch of envelopes, a receipt book, stamps, top-loader sleeves (a bunch of them), some penny sleeves, and some team bags.