DGC Progress Update - October 14th, 2018

Hello again. Doombrowski here with some more progress on items for the future LGS.

Unfortunately, I was unable to pick up some crazy great priced vending machines due to the inability to move them. Apparently, vending machines are stupidly heavy. I was thinking like 400 pounds or so….no. 800. That’s more like it. And that’s an empty machine. Imagine trying to get that on a trailer or in the back of a vehicle. It’s definitely a job for professionals and professionals charge more than what I would be paying for the machines to move things like that.

So, I’m back to the original plan of some chip racks and a drink distributor contract to cover the fridge costs.

But, I did pick up some items today and did do a bit more research on locations and store furniture and tables.

There’s a very reasonably priced location that I’m pretty excited about. If I can get some extra funding soon enough and the spot doesn’t get filled, I could definitely see it being the future home of DGC. I spoke to the person that owns it already. It went well.

I did some pricing on what it would take to build a couple wargaming tables. That’s a project that I’m looking forward to. I like carpentry. My grandpa is a carpenter. I’ll probably be throwing those tables together sometime in the next month.

I also picked up some more trash cans! Now my trash can obsession can be over with. Well…I forgot to get one for my office. Alright, so there’s 1 more trash can that I need to get. But honestly, I have a bucket here at the house that I can use. haha.

So this time around, I have 2x 30+ gallon trash cans, 1x 13 gallon trash can, and some 39 gallon trash bags. People gotsta have a place to put their trash.

I’ll be looking to pick up an iPad air and some cash register items next, I think. Those are definite necessities and are universal to the types of point of sale software that I’ll be ultimately using.

Keep your eyes peeled with some more progress updates and news.


Progress Update - October 9th, 2018

Some larger things have been going on behind the scenes but unfortunately there’s not much that’s interesting to look at related to scouting out building locations and talking to loan officers. I will say that the talk with the first bank went well and that I should know something a little later this week.

As far as location scouting, I’ve mostly just been travelling around town trying to find a space that will accommodate a decent sized play area as well as retail space and taking down contact information. I’m finding that most spaces will only work for just retail or just play space. Play space is important.

Access is also important on my location scout. There are some spaces that are available and adequately sized but are so far tucked away that advertisement would be difficult. In my opinion, a retail space should be close enough to people walking and driving to be seen without any effort.

Until I hear back from the bank, I’m going to be gathering information that will help with running events. So many games are so similar, I want to make sure I have a good reference page put together so everything can run smoothly and that every player can be clear on what’s going on. Each game has its own little nuances on regulations as well. Gotta get that all in order.

Well, I guess there were a few things that I’ve picked up recently that I could let everybody know about. I was on this weird trashcan kick and was super hype about getting trash cans since I found one that was kind of cool…. I didn’t end up getting the cool trash can though. XD I did dig out some rolls of tape, thumbtacks, 2 black ink cartridges, and an audio extension cable so I can have more freedom in mounting speakers. I also have some handy small storage containers which are great for managing paperwork with online tickets. Not pictured are a second larger trash can and some colored permanent markers. There are also a bunch of envelopes, a receipt book, stamps, top-loader sleeves (a bunch of them), some penny sleeves, and some team bags.


Items Acquired! October 1st 2018

The thank you goes to my mother this time around for providing me with a microwave so I can bring my lunch. Also, I had these speakers that I forgot about that will take place of the surround sound at least temporarily. They will be pumping out sweet tunes and announcements for draft seatings and tournament opponents and whatnot!

If you are interested in helping gather items for the future shop, check out the link below, see if there’s anything you can help with, and get in touch. :)

Click Here to See the Spreadsheet Progress


Logo Ideas

Signage and advertisement media is important for a business. Fortunately, I had the chance to work at a sign company for a couple years and gain a bit of advertisement design knowledge which I eventually expanded on with a little reading and practice here and there.

These last couple of days, I’ve been working on logo ideas for signage. I have the core idea, but I’m not sure which direction I want to go fully.

Here are some ideas that I’ve worked up.

logo ideas.jpg

I’m definitely going with something with blocks of color (no gradients or shading). I want it to easily be transferable to other media like shirts and hats and stuff.

Shoot a comment and let me know which is your favorite or what elements from a certain design are your favorites.


This isn’t an item post, but it’s still pretty exciting to me.

Yesterday, I was approved for a new business credit card! I will not go into the specifics of it, but it will allow me to restock the store in the earlier days of being open. This was a concern of mine previously.

Another baby step.

I’m currently looking into point of sale and shelving options. I will probably make another spreadsheet for myself that prioritizes what should be bought new as opposed to used and how long I should search for something used before I just buy it new. It’s a kind of unfamiliar territory as I’m not sure how difficult some of these things are to find used.

Soon, I will start picking up some necessities using my rainy day fund.

More updates coming soon.

Items Acquired! September 23rd 2018

A big thank you once again to Alan L. Casey for donating these 3 lateral filing cabinets. The 2 lighter cabinets are the perfect depth for 800 count card boxes and will house the card singles inventory. The darker one is smaller, and will be used to store important documents and records. Also, thank you to my mom for both helping get all of the previous office items and donating an easel, which will be used for displaying relevant information to events.

If you are interested in helping gather items for the future shop, check out the link below, see if there’s anything you can help with, and get in touch. :)

Click Here to See the Spreadsheet Progress


The List!

Here it is. The list of items to purchase to get the shop up and running. I will add to it as I think of things that I have forgotten. I will also mark when items have been acquired.

Also, some exciting news. Some things have already been acquired! I’ll post pictures tomorrow when the rain isn’t foiling my plans.

Click here to see the spreadsheet progress

I will post images of items as they are picked up with another link back to the spreadsheet whenever I pick up something new!

Keep your eyes open. This is happening. :)

The Beginning

For far too long, Winter Haven has been without a reliable, abundantly stocked, adequately run comic and gaming store. In the past, I have tossed around the idea of opening a place of my own only to be stopped by self-doubt and fear of losing the large investment that’s required to run a retail business.

It’s time to face those fears and dive in head first.

I am starting this venture by breaking down the expenses for basic necessities. I am going to post pictures whenever I obtain new items to be used in the future game store.

I will keep an updated list of the items that are needed and the items that have been acquired. This will be available to anybody who is interested in keeping track of the shop’s progress or donating items themselves. This will include everything from display counters to ball point pens. Even the smallest items are important to running a business.

I have this vision of a community coming together, helping build a place where they can feel welcome, have fun, escape the stress, and have that excitement of new games to learn and play.

The road ahead is rough and winding, but this is something that needs to be done. I will keep taking steps towards my American Dream and you’re all welcome to join me.

Logo Vector Smaller Center.png