Levels, Where Art Thou?

I've moved into chill zone by slowly chipping away at some new art assets for Suburban Scavengers. 

I've decided to drop the release date and work on art stuff until the game feels "full" enough.

The latest completed...well, nearly completed asset in a new level, "The Trailer Park."

Part way through making the art for the level, I decided to create a sort of Photoshop roto/textures version of the level. Hand painting a bunch of elements is very time inefficient. Adding a filter and some minor modifications to some existing images is much better. Is it the most legit way to do it? I dunno. None of the images are 100% what they started as. It's a blurry sort of gray area. They way I see it, it's the equivalent of remixing a part of a song then throwing it into a new song.

There is a mix of hand painted elements. One of them is the toddler. The face is a partial Photoshop filter with an over-paint. The body is hand painted. The animations were done in Spriter.

I felt that the game needed more variance. This makes it so players of different skill levels may find something that they vibe with better. A idea to increase variance was to add levels with level specific hazards. In this case, the toddler is a hazard that runs on a sort of part elliptical path, creating a collision when it crosses the plane that they players are fighting on. It triggers an audio queue and is visible briefly before creating the collision object. It also collides with the chosen interactable if it's in the way. (which is currently my favorite interaction in the game).

I'm currently working on a second level and am kind of amped to start working on a new character, inspired by a tweet from the Meatly.

A clown would be great for Suburban Scavengers. I could let the community help come up with a name too. :D

My original plan for playable characters was to hit some social group style stereotypes (hence the first characters being a hipster and basic bitch). This strayed when I made Mall Santa as a sort of holiday bonus character (he was never planned in the beginning). 

Sometimes, it's correct to stray from the path. I think a clown is the right choice for the next character. I have a vision for a rough looking clown in the vein of "Mall Santa." The sort of clown that only gets hired because he's the last option in a pinch. I'll draw inspiration from the Birthday Clown that Patton Oswald talked about.

I'm going to have to make some new background music tracks for the levels but I haven't really been feeling it lately. I honestly haven't been feeling art either but when I start working on it I usually end up working for a few hours. It's a weird compulsion to make things more complete.

Visual art seems to get a better response on social media which is kind of nice. Code stuff doesn't really translate well visually. X(

Alright...I'm out of here. Expect to see more level stuff in the near future.

Until next time.