Well, the first test of online with a computer that isn't mine or the one at work failed miserably. I figured having tested on 4 different computers, I would have had it right....wrong.

I managed to figure out what seems to be a usable matchmaking system. There was an issue with multiple lobbies being created at the same time that I kind of have straightened out? I dunno. This stuff is tricky.

I'm going to start working on new content while I wait for bug tests to come in. It's art stuff, so I'm not too pumped about it but...I feel like it's necessary.

I took a step back and looked at the game in the state that it's in and thought to myself, "I wouldn't buy this." That means I need to keep putting stuff in. I feel like with a few new levels and characters, it could be worth a few bucks. The current end goal is at least 4-5 levels and 6-8 total characters. It's a bit painful thinking about the time that will need to be invested in order to get this content added, and the bugs and new networking code that I'll probably have to deal with but I really want to make at least some money off of this. I think it will protect my investment if I make the game more of a complete experience.

I watched the trailer today and it was a bit cringy. I felt, at the time, that the trailer was pretty decent. I hadn't realized how bad the animations were since I was used to seeing them so much. The new animations are so much better.

I will definitely be making a new trailer come closer to release time.

Speaking of release; I am tentatively removing the release date due to the new content that I'm wanting to add. I still want to release it as soon as possible, but lots of work needs to be done and I don't need the added stress of an unnecessary deadline.

Well, that's about it for now. Getting more people to help test. Hoping that they can help make the game more user friendly.

Until next time.