Bomb Launcher

I'm finally getting to a point where things that I need to work on are more interesting and varied. It's pretty nice after spending a couple weeks on laying out level chunks. 

The latest change, which is looking like will cause me to have to make more rooms (irony?), was to make the starting level smaller. Doing this meant removing chunks from the level. What will normally be 25 chunks per level is currently reduced to 16. Substantially smaller. This is making me realize that I may need to add some variance to the core and edge chunks. 

I made something of a mini tutorial quest yesterday. It's a quest that will always show up on the first level which tasks you with fetching an item that is randomly placed within certain areas that require some sort of special action to access. The idea is to make the player figure out how to interact with the different pieces of the environment. It shows that you can shoot fire and dirt blocks to eventually destroy them, you can unlock areas with key blocks, certain blocks are destroyed by explosions, and that some spikes are retractable. 

To make sure the player knew that rock blocks were destroyed by bombs, I made a bomb launcher. This guarantees that the player will be able to make an explosion happen regardless of if they have a bomb or not. This bomb launcher will definitely come in handy in the future. It will help with a bit of puzzle and accessibility. Now, if I want to block off an area temporarily, I can just put one of these bad boys next to it. It can also be used for combat purposes since it's creating a damaging explosion.

I made some sounds to go along with the bomb launcher as well. I think that creating sounds as I go along will help a bunch in the end. It will also help with morale since it'll make the game feel more complete. You can check out the sounds that I created in the video below.

My next goal is to make the active item slot and the temporary effect consumables. (The bird programs) I noticed yesterday that the player can easily get trapped in a scenario where they'll have to take damage. I'm going to try to remedy that with the active item and possibly a new mechanic. We'll see how it turns out.

Until next time.