Items Galore

I decided, after telling myself that I needed to work on some less fun stuff, to just work on fun stuff. the plan was to work on boss entrance animations, but I didn't feel like it so I made a bunch of items.

Items are probably the most fun part of this whole creation experience. 

This week, I decided to start putting in work on more of the active items. The plan is to have them all compound into the same activation. I'm sure this will take some balance down the road, but it seems to be working alright so far.

I think the coolest items that I've made recently are the "Sharp Sprinter" (which is mechanically a "Blade Runner" :P) and "The Bit" (which is pretty much directly from R-Type). Other notable items recently made are the "Power Bomb" (a-la Metroid), Dark Static (was the name of a band I created years ago), Bass Cannon (given the okay by Flux Pavilion via Twitter), and a few others that are less cool but still have their place. 

It's good to be making some items that seem not so powerful. For a while there, I thought that once you picked up X items of any type, you would just be over powered. That doesn't look like it will necessarily be the case. Of course, I haven't made anything beyond level 2 yet, so the scaling of enemies could make a big difference in item power.

I'm thinking about making a short video for the Patreon backers that shows more in depth progress with some game play and verbal explanation of systems and mechanics and whatnot. Should be fun.

Surprisingly, I haven't run into an item that I feel the game should have that I couldn't code and make look at least somewhat decent yet. Well, not in the recent past. Were not going to talk about "COIL." That wasn't happening. It's above my pay grade.

Until next time.


 If you want to help fuel the cause, consider backing me on Patreon.

If you want to help fuel the cause, consider backing me on Patreon.