Big Changes

I've been putting lots of hours into Loop of the Lost lately. It hasn't felt like I've gotten much done looking back at it, but I sort of feel jaded shortly after finishing a portion of the game and moving on to the next. So much of my focus is on the current things that I sort of forget about what all went into the previous.

The big change that's been made is the room spawn system. Each level was originally made up of 36 small rooms built for quick skirmishes. Looking back, I feel like the tightness of each area was a good thing for the most part, but the limitations of the small room chunks made for a very non-organic feel and was a bit claustrophobic. The levels are now made of 25 chunks (and will probably drop to 16 on the starting levels). Each chunk is much larger than the previous chunks. There is also an edge system that makes the map have more variance and feel more natural.

This new system will save lots of time in the future. Creating 25 rooms is much quicker than what would have been creating 49 (if I made an edge system for the previous room creation engine), even if the new rooms are larger. The new larger rooms really don't feel like they take much longer to lay out. Now that there's more space, I can toy around with mini sort of biomes.

I'm still figuring out what will feel right as far as difficulty and maneuvering and enemy interaction. Right now it feels too easy with it being so wide open. I'm going to brainstorm on how to make it have more tension; More risks and more rewards.

I've already thought of some time-based triggers which include enemy spawns and possibly using the skirmish border system that I had in originally.


I feel like the maps are going in the right direction, they just need refining. 

Working on games and honestly most art that I work on feels like molding a piece of clay. Unfortunately, I judge my work before it's finished and it's disheartening. I have to keep remembering that I wouldn't judge an incomplete sculpture as a finished product. I'll get there with Loop of the Lost, but right now it's still just a somewhat familiar blob of clay. 

Should have some new art in the next update. I'll try to make another before the end of the month.

Until next time.