Like a Boss

This week, the goal was to make 3 new bosses for Delivery Man. I was able to get 2 of them close to finished. Not too bad. I plan on messing with them a bit and modifying the first boss to make it a bit less cheaty feeling. Some of its movement is jittery and feels unfair.

Working on bosses always feels daunting. After finishing up the 3rd boss, it didn't feel as much daunting as just time consuming.

Time is one of my worst enemies. Due to the amount I have to spend at my day job in order to survive, I don't have as much to work on trying to make a career outside of my day job. Time has to be managed between work and family, and friends, and relaxation. Sitting down for a few hours to work on game development is enjoyable, for sure, but is also not always easy to find time to do. And it feels like there are some things that are best to finish in a single sitting to keep everything fresh.

Enough of my time rant.

This week, after 3 bosses are "done", I'll probably start on some sound effects and music. It's a very important part of a game. I feel that a strong soundtrack can have a massive impact on a game.

I'll also start on some quests. Right now, fetch quests are easy to drop in, since the first quest is already a fetch quest. I'll have to think of a couple more quest types and test them out. I'm thinking a battle room with an optional, more difficult battle could be one. Ooh, hiding a quest item in a room that doesn't look like a quest related room could be good as well.

Quests are fully optional in this game btw. They will all greatly benefit the player to do, though. Incentive to explore and take risks.

Consumable items are on the to-do list as well. I plan on making them .exe files in the game that give you a temporary benefit. Kale and I figured out a cool way to fit them into our intended world theme of the game.

I'm off to get some work done.

Until next time.