Save the Name

This is going to be a brief update, but I still feel like it's necessary.

I decided to work on the save file for the still untitled game. I hadn't originally considered that the game would have lots of unlockables, which would require a save file. After a bit of dumb code storage, I have a save system that displays unlocks as they are obtained, and will cycle through unlock splash screens if more than 1 item is unlocked at the same time. It can scroll through everything if you manage to unlock them all at the same time. It should only take a small amount of tweaking to make it work with everything in line.

Game Name. Kale and I have been trying to think of something fitting for a while now. The original plan was to make a game about a delivery guy in an alternate semi-futuristic Nineteen Ninety-X. The more we thought about the original plan, the less feasible it seemed.

After laying some foundation, the game had changed a bit and the theme has as well. We agreed on the basic story of a man in the same time frame that has a ring that has gone missing. It was given to him by somebody very important to him. He's given a mysterious clue that leads him into the woods to look for the ring.

I jumped on and started typing up a bunch of words that sort of fit the theme. I made a name generator that smashes the words together in different ways in hopes that something will click.

Check it out and let me know if anything sounds good to you.

I'm sort of partial to "Loop of the Lost."

I'm hoping to have something that looks like a game by the end of next month. Lots of it depends on art. 

Until next time.