Do You Have Enough Room?

I put some serious hours in on game development this weekend. Tons of additions.

First, the room quantity. I added 15 enemy rooms, 3 empty rooms, and 2 filler rooms. This doesn't seem like much, but there's a reason. As I was iterating on rooms, I was also making some new enemies. 

I decided to leave a couple of the enemies that I already made out of the first 2 levels. This meant that I had a void to fill. I ended up making 5...wait....7 new enemies for the first levels. This allows for more room creation variance.

I started experimenting with painting off the grid with room items. It's making for a much better looking room layout. The first rooms that I made look like poop now. I mean, they looked like poop before, but now next to the new rooms, even more poop.

I created a "room bag" system for floor generation. It's pretty snazzy. Took a long time to get it right due to some redundant code in the room spawner, but I eventually figured it out. Now, levels are created from unique enemy and non-enemy rooms. I still have yet to make room bags for the other room types, but when I decide to, it will be easy since the foundation is already there. This will make the game feel much more fresh on each playthrough. All I need to do is make sure there are enough unique rooms to not allow it to feel samey and to fill 2 levels if the levels use the maximum number of each room type. E-Z-P-Z. All I need is time.

This coming week, the goal is to crank out a bunch of new rooms. Once I get the optimal quantity of rooms done, I can focus on other elements. It's too easy to get ahead of myself when I'm thinking about what I should do next. Baby steps.

Until next time.