More Terrain, More Rooms

This weekend, I decided to work on more room elements. This makes it easier to come up with new rooms since they essentially make duplicate rooms different due to the interaction of items within them.

The blocks that I added were one that is destroyed by bullets, one that is destroyed by bullets but damages you when you touch it, one that explodes when taking enough damage, and one that explodes when taking explosion damage. Just these few blocks allow for much more variance in room creation.

I'm looking forward to these elements that I'm creating having non-programmer art on them. I'm just slapping a quick sprite on them so they don't look like total poop and so that they are identifiable. 

I also added a couple enemy variants this week as well as different on death effects for enemies. This is another example of a slight change making a big difference.

This week I'm probably going to work on the text system for displaying the items that are picked up. It's a definite necessity. I'm going to add some nice easing to the text and text boxes. Should look pretty smooth.

Also, as I was typing this, a group of rooms got deleted and the action could not be undone. My latest backup was from a few days ago. Missing 6 rooms now. Not a huge deal since I doubt I'll be keeping any of the rooms that I've made thus far, but it's still annoying. Going to learn how to set up source control very soon.

Until next time.