Dess M-8 Dudes

For those who don't know, I released a mobile game a couple years ago called Dess M-8. It wasn't very good, but I had some fun with it on the later levels. Since it was a complete game, I had assets. I wanted to make followers in the new game that I'm working on so I decided to use the Dess M-8 main ship.

I ended up making 5 different ships...

5 different ship styles and gun types that are unlockable in Dess M-8. Once I created the core code to ease the bots in when you pick up their item, make them smoothly idle around the player, and face enemies or the player depending on their state, it was easy to iterate new followers. It's simply making a new bullet if necessary, modifying shot speed/frequency/damage, giving the player variables to know which bot they picked up, and making sure the room spawner doesn't try to grab it on floor clear. Boom. Done. It takes about 5-10 minutes to create and test a new follower. This is super exciting. This means that if I think of a strange fire pattern or bullet type, I can give it to a follower and have a new little drone ready to go.

I'm considering making a bonus for getting all of the Dess M-8 ships. Maybe a voltron style combo drone that fires all of the bullets at once. Maybe it could fly towards enemies as well instead of waiting to shoot when they're in range. There are lots of maybes in game development. XD

I think the next thing I'll probably toy with is "chance" bullets with special effects. Bonus damage or damage over time on hit could be cool. Create a secondary "expertise" stat that when increased allows the "chance" bullets to appear more often. Basically just better RNG.

I'm feeling the game come together much better with the introduction of new items with effects beyond increasing damage, speed, fire rate, and health. This is going to be half of the bread and butter of the game. It's what will lead to zany and/or overpowered runs. The other half of the bread and butter is going to be the quest system. I have a good feeling about the quest content. I think it's going to add lots of risk/reward, exploration, and mystery to the game.

I'm still trying to nail down the lore to the game. I have a world thought out, I just need a story to give the player purpose. I'll make that my goal for tonight. Create a quick backstory and endgame.

Until next time.