Back into Game Maker

Recently, I decided to purchase Game Maker 2. There's this game idea that I've had for a long time that I wanted to toy around with a bit so I decided to do so with the latest and greatest version of Game Maker.

What I'm starting to make is planned to be a procedural rogue-like. Nothing really new. The idea is to take some of the feel of The Binding of Isaac, get rid of the theme and open it up a bit to make it feel less claustrophobic. 

Currently, I've made a placeholder player with basic top-down movement and the beginning of a world generator. 

The world generator has been pretty interesting to create. The idea was to create a map out of multiple rooms all put together on a grid. Sort of like how Spelunky works only with a top down game as opposed to a platformer. I have managed to create a system that will copy rooms as they are in the room editor and paste them into grid spaces in a larger room. The potential of this system is pretty amazing.

Currently, the room copier only grabs the objects, their position, and their scaling. I plan on making it be able to grab backgrounds, tiles, and the image angles of objects also.

 This ugly disaster of a room. What the spawner did is pretty amazing, though.

This ugly disaster of a room. What the spawner did is pretty amazing, though.

Friday will also be the start of the Salt Assault IndieGoGo campaign. I should really be cracking on that instead of working on new game stuff but I'm more hype about the new game stuff. I think I'm going to put some money into ads on a few places and hope for the best. Maybe Mr. Cody Gough will be able to point me in the right direction.

Speaking of Cody, I'm supposed to be on an episode of the Game Life Balance US podcast tonight. Should be fun. Hopefully I can bring something to the cast.

Other than what's here, I've been playing a bunch of Dead Cells, just started Cuphead, and played through Ruiner recently. Dead Cells and Ruiner are both super sweet. Cuphead is decent, but doesn't feel like it's giving me anything that other run and gun shooters don't. The theme is fine, but it's not super cool to me.

An off topic note: Making coffee in my french press is where I've seemed to find my zen recently. It's weird.

Until next time.