Trying to Make Another Game

Since Salt Assault has proven to have no interest, I have been working on a new game idea lately. Player movement, enemy pathfinding, camera movement, and level generation have been the primary focuses lately. 

I'm still branching on the open world dungeon crawler idea. I wrote down some dungeon generation theory yesterday that I plan on trying out today. It uses stacks which I haven't really messed with before. I'm sure it will work fine though. 

Today, I made some optimizations to enemy instances. There were some performance issues when the room spawned with a crap load of enemies in it, so I have created a couple checks that deactivate instances outside of a certain amount of padding from the view. It also reactivates enemies when they're within the padding. This will likely help when I create a minimap as well. The minimap will only show terrain and not enemies.

I'm pretty excited about getting some art for the backgrounds thrown in soon. I already have the player and 1 enemy. 

It's difficult choosing what it is I want to work on next when a game is so early in development. I know what the game needs, but I have trouble prioritizing. I try to write down as many things as possible. There's a white board in my office that I put to do lists on frequently. Maybe I just answered my own issue. Do what's on the white board.

I have nothing going on today so I'll probably crack on making the game more of a game.

Until next time.


 Check out my Patreon if you're interested in helping grow Doombrowski.

Check out my Patreon if you're interested in helping grow Doombrowski.