Patching Things Up

This week, my focus was on changing some main menu systems to accommodate for the new single player mode. This required quite a bit of tuning.

The first thing that I had to do was create a sub-menu item for the two single player modes (Scavenger Hunt and Quick Scrap). The modes are basically ladder mode where the enemies get increasingly more difficult and exhibition.

Next, I had to change the code that tells the game which menu items to transition and when. This was the most time consuming part. 

Ultimately, I will need to add code to detect when you win or lose a match and where to send you if either happens. I will also have to add code that will change the backgrounds and characters for different selected areas to fight.

It's pretty crazy how much code it takes just to make a menu work. Every button press for the menu needs its own bit of code. Then, after the button is pressed, the items effected by the press need to have code to know what to do. In the instance of the menu that I added, when pressing X or A to go into the Scavenger Hunt sub-menu, the following things happen:

  • The phase (variable used to keep track of where in the menu system you are) changes to 11.
  • The character portrait on the left slides 20 pixels per frame to the left until reaching a specific point.
  • The map in the background slides in from the right at 200 pixels per frame until snapping into the view. 
  • 5 black squares set at a partial transparency slide in relative to the background, covering the location squares.
  • The rotating square outline slides in relative to the background on the selected location.
  • The Choose Your Locale text at the top slides in from above the view at 50 pixels per frame.
  • The information box at the bottom of the screen slides in from below the view at 50 pixels per frame.

The text to the right of the colons appears and changes based on the selected location.


These same things all trigger in reverse if the player presses "B". The differences are that the phase changes to 10, the previous menu items spawn and fade in with the highlight bar sliding in from the right.

I'm feeling like the amount of work that I have yet to do with the code is fairly small. It's a weird feeling. I've been working on this game for so long that it seems like it will never end. Thinking about a time where I won't be working on code much is strange. I'm kind of looking forward to it though. I just need to get a stronger interest in art now. Get hyped about creating a bunch of new characters and backgrounds.

I'm hoping to have all of the groundwork set for the single player modes this week. 

Until next time.