What have I done?!!?!

Well, I imported the new single player ladder menu elements into Game Maker. This made me realize that with the transitions that I planned on using, I had to add more information to the background map that I made. Now there are hidden cities, rivers, and lakes that you'll only see if you record video of gameplay and stop during the transition frames. Nice little easter eggs. :P

I coded most of the movements of the menu elements but have yet to create the new phases in the PlayerStats object (the persistent object that holds most of the information). It's pretty weird having what I'm fairly confident is coded correctly already ready to go without ever even looking at it in action. The positions are all based on the background's x and y coordinates so everything should line up perfectly. Of course, once I put it in action, it won't be as smooth as I expect.

Adding the new sub-menus and menu changes has me really....nervous I guess? It's giving me this fear that it will be very frustrating and that I won't be able to finish it in a sitting. It's not a reasonable fear, but it's looming around.

Hopefully, I'll have some time to work on the game this week. Since it was my birthday weekend and with my work moving this week, I don't think I'll have much time. It's all part of being a full time member of working society while trying to be a self-employed, self-motivated business owner.

Next entry should include some new video footage or at least a gif. Hopefully I'll have something within a week.

Until next time.