Push Start

I have started work on the single player AI "ladder" mode. The idea is to make a simple single player experience reminiscent to the original Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. I have the basic logistics and a test layout for the menu system. I still have to import all of the assets and make it functional.

The basic idea for the behind-the-scenes workings for this mode is to first have the player select a scavenger from the normal character select menu. Next, the Locale Menu will slide in from the right, Choose Your Locale sliding down from the top and the Rectangle on the bottom sliding up from the bottom. The Burbs will be highlighted by default unless a player has chosen another locale in a previous match. Each location will have an item that is always being fought for there. The Burbs will have the couch. After the first locale is selected, a tab will rise from the right side of the rectangle asking the player if they're ready. If the player presses X or A the Locale Menu will slide out to the left with the Choose Your Locale and Bottom Rectangle slightly lagging before they also slide out to the left. Behind the menu, the selected locale will already be loaded, the character portrait will slide off of the left of the screen, the players will run in from either side and the match will begin.

The idea with the menus in this game is to make them feel as seamless as possible when converting to gameplay. Two Player mode is already fairly seamless due to the background of the selected level being the background of the menu. 

I haven't yet decided how I want to approach character select after a single player ladder has started. Logistically, it would be easiest to not allow character select after the ladder has started, but people are weird and will want to be able to change characters after losing even though all characters are mechanically the same. I suppose the sprite origins could make a difference for the player. I'll have to keep thinking about this one. I have some possible solutions but nothing concrete yet.

Difficulty will be handled by the number of scavengers defeated. If you win a match against a specific scavenger, that scavenger will no longer be able to be fought. For each 2 scavengers defeated the difficulty will go up by 1 point. This will allow for strategic ordering of gameplay to allow players that are worse with a specific interactable to play them first and more easily defeat them. It will also allow the player to select levels at their leisure, making it feel like the game provides more freedom.

Also to note, there will be 2 scavengers per location. 

When I next work on the game, the plan is to make all of these things do what I just stated above. Hopefully it'll be able to be finished without much hassle.

Lots of work yet to be done. 

Until next time.