Cleaning Up (Not Really)

I did not realize that I hadn't put any updates related to the grill that I made on my blog. Shame on me. Here I thought that my illness this week made me lazy and what I thought I did last week I did this week. >.<

So yeah....I made a grill. 

 It's ridiculous how real this grill looks.

It's ridiculous how real this grill looks.

You can stand on it and be pushed while on it. You can punch and block while on it aaaaand....well, read on and you'll find out.

Today, I decided to work on the art for another interactable. I had fun making the last one and it gives me more to show having a new thing to look at! 

I made a washing machine. 

 This one doesn't look as real. I have failed you all. I'm so sorry.

This one doesn't look as real. I have failed you all. I'm so sorry.

It's a bit larger than it would actually be, but I think it will work a bit better that way. The added height makes it require slightly longer holding of the jump button to allow you to get on top of or over it.

I also decided to add my "bounce" state to players as they jump off of items. No, they do not bounce. "Bounce" does allow a player to do an elbow drop though. So now, anything you can stand on, you can elbow drop off of. 

Adding the bounce had a sort of interesting consequence. When the bounce state was originally made, it disabled the velocity change when letting go of the jump button. It was to make the bounce feel more lofty. The lofty feel also helps build tension for the elbow drops (conveniently). Now, when you jump off of an interactable, you will have a lofty jump. The jump doesn't go any higher, but the player does jump to the maximum amount by default. It really helps play into the risk/reward thing that I was going for when I made the couch. 

The elbow drop from multiple objects is making me seriously rethink the last interactables that I had mapped out. There's the K.I.S.S. motto (keep it stupid simple) that makes me think I should just make the last couple objects be something that has an interesting shape (sort of like the grill) and not worry about the interactions that I had previously mapped out. The mapped interactions were fairly complex and required new animations. I could really save a ton of work by changing my approach. I'm thinking that I probably will. The more I think about it, the smarter it seems. I really just want to get this game released so I can figure out what the next step in my life is going to be.

That's it for this week. I plan on doing more work tomorrow. It will probably be adding a new interactable. 

Until next time.