Working Out Kinks

It turns out that there were a few scenarios on the menu that needed to be fixed after creating the new character select system. 

The new menu system created new variables that needed to be changed when going between screens (ie. after a 1 or 2 player match finishes and if a second player joins an in progress 1 player match). I also finished up the 2 player menu. It ended up taking much less time than the 1 player since the 1 player menu put most of the necessary scripts in place. There was a bit of copy paste and changing a few variables.

Next, the plan is to work on a new interactable. I already have the one that I want to do in mind. It will be the most mechanically simple item to make. The GRILL. I'm hoping to get at least the art done on it today.

My Vanguard Power Calculator is over 250 downloads now. It seems that Thailand enjoys it. Maybe I'll make a few tweaks one of these days and update it. There are some things that I could do to it to allow it to show more information and keep track of more specifics. I was already considering putting a tracker for the totals that you've added on the right hand side of the number buttons. 

I'm feeling a bit under the weather again. Bummerino. Going to the doctor a little later today to hopefully get some antibiotics. 

That's it for this post. The next one should have some cool new stuff to look at.

Until next time.