Final Objects

This week, I've spent a bit of my time finishing up the art for the last objects for the game. I've gotten the implementation part down pretty well so if I ever want to add something in the future, it won't take very long.

The first object is a desk.

This is a modified version of the image that it was modeled after. I used a pretty humorous technique to put the wood grain on the different parts. I created a piece of plywood then copied it and resized it a bunch of different times, masking the shape of the different parts that it was to cover.

The desk gives a bit more surface area than the grill and washer. This could make for some punch action on top of the desk. It's pretty similar to the couch in size, but does not have the bounce section and can be stood on.

The final object that I made and that I will adding sound to to day is the piano.

This one was quite a bit different than the reference. The entire bottom section was at an angle due to the perspective of the picture that was taken. There was also a bench in front of the piano. The piano was also a wood grain. I wasn't really feeling matching up all of the wood grains again so I just made it black. I think it looks pretty cool.

The plan is to add sounds to each of the objects for when you land on them. I also want to change the drag sound on the grill and the washer since they're more metal than anything. 

Sometime soon, I will also be starting on my third revision of the AI system. What's in now is very broken and is difficult to follow and make scale. It also uses direct key inputs to control the player 2 which leads to issues outside of the game. When I use OBS to capture clips to post the sound will automatically turn down because the computer thinks that the left arrow is being held. I'm going to have to make a new virtual control system that simulates the variables that I have in place for the movement code.

I also plan on making some changes to the hit detection for punches. The masks that are currently being used do not always line up with what you see. You can punch a foot in front or behind a character at certain times and still hit. After I create a hitbox object, I'll be able to see exactly where the punches should hit and adjust accordingly.

I really want to start working on new backgrounds and small animations to put in the backgrounds also. There's so much to do. As long as I'm doing something that is pushing the game forward everything is good. I just wish I could get more done faster.

Until next time.