What's on the Menu?

Today I finished up the single player character select menu. A surprising amount of work.

I'm noticing that most of my time is spent trying to figure out why what I think should work doesn't work. I can rarely create code that works right off the bat. My grandfather has always told me that a person that is good at their craft is someone who is good at covering up their mistakes. Maybe I'm getting good?

What was done to change the menu from the previous version to the new version:
Created new visual layout for additional information
Imported new sprites
Created new code to accommodate for information to be added in the future
Created new second player portrait object (amongst a few other new objects)
Made sure character overlaps cannot happen

The 2 player version will be visually identical and code-wise quite similar. Unfortunately, I created a separate "phase" for the title screen 2 player character select, so I'll have to copy and paste a bit of code with the phase modified. I'm hoping that I can make a script and just pop in the phase argument and have things work. Some arguments in scripts tend to not like working for me.

 Old Menu

Old Menu

Looking forward to playing some games that I plan on picking up on the Steam Summer Sale. Woo hoo!

Until next time.