Re-cranking the Machine

Yesterday, Kale and I got together and talked about the first art-related things that need to be done, and got some style guides for the characters that will be included in the game. The backgrounds and character portraits will be the top priority as far as art is concerned. I still have to add a few mechanics to the game before being able to do full character animation exports. There will be a few new animations per character due to the different interactables that I will be making.

Today, I started the beginning of the hands-on work on Suburban Scavengers to get it ready for release on Steam. After watching a youtuber play the game, I noticed that he looked for controls on the pause menu since he totally skipped the tutorial on the main menu. I decided to put in a in-game pause menu as opposed to the pause image that's there now. The menu includes a control section and an exit and resume. Very basic. It will likely stay very basic. I'm wanting to get this game playable and as complete as my original vision. My original vision was small and basic.

 Some fresh menu action

Some fresh menu action

Next, I plan on working on taking out the Greenlight loop at startup and match end. I'll loop the match end back to the character select screen. After that I'll either be working on new interactables or the final version of the character select menu. It will probably be the menu first since it's a bit more important than interactables. The game could work without new interactables, but not without being able to select the characters that are in the game. The new menu will have 10 characters, an environment select, and an interactable select. I'm unsure about a difficulty select on vs. CPU games right now. That will be added if I'm feeling up to it after all of the more important things are finished. 

Beyond that, I think I'm going to put some work into animating the background of the level that I already have finished. It could really benefit from some movement. I'll find a few things to add to it to help bring it to life.

It's going to be a slow process, but having help on art will absolutely make it a ton faster. 

Until next time.