Sunburned Post

Quick post.

My online trading card store is now level 3, and well on its way to level 4 which allows items to be listed with 0 shipping. That's when the money will flow in. :) Level 4 also opens more windows to other sales avenues and possible purchasing from online patrons of TCGplayer.

I've been thinking about working on Response these last few days. I may just start messing with some interactions without having any of the dimensions of the interactable objects. The dimensions are important since most of the movements are scripted. I suppose I could just make some generic movements in the meantime. I'm just kind of feeling like I should be doing something with that game.

That's pretty much it. Not a whole lot going on this week. Seems to be a running theme. I'll pick back up soon. Maybe I'll even have some gifs of things moving around in a video game again.

Until next time.