Lots of hype around my future games shop. 

I started a TCGPlayer account last week. In 8 days, I have successfully filled 19 orders valued at a total of $269 as a first level seller. A first level seller is only allowed to have 10 items listed at a time and must include at least $.99 shipping on all orders.

I have just been increased to a level 2 seller which allows for a 50 item inventory but still requires $.99 shipping. 

There are 4 total seller levels. At level 4, inventory becomes unlimited and I would be able to mark items with free shipping. The reason that I would want that is because items are generally sorted by cost by default when you look at the multiple sellers offering the card that you search for. Shipping is calculated in with that price. If you can mark items to have free shipping, the actual card value can be higher and still allow the items to show up closer to the top of the lists. Also, if a buyer orders multiple items from you, you don't lose the shipping cost per card.

Currently, my strategy is to list cards over $2 and to not list too many multiples. The goal is to only pick up buyers that want to buy cards one at a time. This would minimize loss from having items listed at the market low with shipping. I learned that it's a bad idea to list multiples of items with my very first order as somebody snagged up 6 cards in a single order, dropping $4.95 of the profit that I should have gotten. :X Lesson learned. 

In order to reach level 4, I'm going to have to fill 51 orders with 90%+ positive feedback. It'll be a matter of time before I can maximize profits. :) It's exciting. It's the first step on the future game shop.

Until next time.