Studying Games by Playing Games

Games. This last year or two my focus has been on video games. I've finished 1 mobile game, have a small version of a PC game out, and have 2 jam games released. Currently, I'm working on mapping out the second full release. It is slated to be simple yet grandiose. 

Before I started working on video games, I was working very diligently on ideas for card games. I had some good ideas but didn't have the correct knowledge to bring my visions to life. I also didn't have the experience that I now have to optimize poor mechanics. Luckily, I saved my notes on these games, and many of the pieces that I used to try to assemble them. 

I may be revisiting the board/card game realm soon. I feel that I need to follow what my interest pulls me towards most, and since I'm working at a card shop and learning new card games, my focus has been more on card and board game related games.

I have yet to find that inspirado that I had before I started work on the first card game. I do recall mechanics that worked well from the original game. Now that I have video game experience, I could also make either a combination game that uses both an application and physical pieces, or an app version of the game which would be good for testing.

These are just the thoughts going through my head lately. I still have a few more games to learn at work before I'm no longer learning something new. At that point, I'll have more time to think about development related stuff.

Until next time.