Dess M-8ing Some More

I opened Game Maker recently. It was pretty sweet. It had been a while; since I worked on Response last, actually. Even after a couple months of no coding, I still have everything in the ol' noggin.

The fixes that I envisioned for Dess M-8 are done. I managed to knock them out within about an hour. After sitting and thinking for a while about more efficient ways to do the things that I wanted to do, I managed to get it done with very little modification. It felt nice to know that I've grown enough since last year to make what seemed like it was going to be a 5 hour ordeal into a little hour long quick fix.

This Monday, I'm going to work on creating the next Android build, (it's basically just an export but it has given me problems in the past). If that is successful, I'll have to play through the game on my phone to see if the changes were successful.

I finally uploaded the Indienomicon presentation from January. I edited the video and for whatever reason thought I already uploaded it. (I don't really get a response from my uploads so I didn't think anything of it) Anyway, it's up there now. You can watch me be slightly less awkward and rigid than my previous presentation.

Working on learning the last of the games for work. Buddyfight, which I'm pretty sure I understand, and D&D which is a mountain of a game to scale.

I recently splurged and purchased the Arkham Horror LCG expansion Carnivale of Horrors, the D&D starter kit, some Force of Will cards, and a SSD for my laptop. It's probably the last time I'll be able to spend any money until I start either making more money at my job or start selling some games. I have a good feeling about that on the horizon though. This should be a big year. :)

That's pretty much it.

Until next time.