Business on my Mind

I've had a nice little hiatus from working on video game things. Pretty soon I'll be back at it. During this break, I've been thinking about the possibility of running my own brick and mortar business. 

The job that I'm doing now to keep a roof over my head is predominantly sorting, pricing, and posting collectible cards online. A small portion of my work, maybe 25%, is cleaning, helping customers purchasing items in store, and setting up events. The person that I work for does sorting and posting as well, but he's not the most efficient and is easily distracted. I know for a fact that I could run the business as it is currently and make it more successful and lucrative.

Speaking of business, the last business expenses of this year have come through. Unfortunately, most of it had to come out of pocket. One good thing was that I got unexpected tax return money that covered it.

Running a business isn't cheap. Just keeping it legal with a business license, website, and custom e-mail address is around $400 per year. Tack on the giveaways and podcast related expenses and we're closer to $800 per year. I almost forgot the conventions from last year. Bump it up to $1000. It's flippin' pricey. I don't really make enough money to support this hobby right now. >.<

Maybe I'll have a branching of Doombrowski LLC that includes my own collectibles store soon. I've already proven to myself that I can do it given enough people walk through the door to sell me things. I understand supply and demand and that it takes a good investment to keep a business running optimally.

Just a thought.

Until next time.