Mr. Magoo

Lately, my priorities have been setting fun things unrelated to game development first in line. This means that I'm only really working on game dev a few hours per week. I recognize this, and will soon create a nice little schedule to make the  work/life/game dev balance better.

It's strange to think about where my time goes. To think that dedicating 3 hours to game dev and roughly 5 hours per week to podcast related things feels like I'm doing nothing. That's a full work day worth of creation. I got so used to being in overdrive all the time that once I finally settled into a new job, I haven't yet structured the rest of my life around the new and differently scheduled job.

What I have done this week:
Made a rudimentary world map for Response
Created all of the interactions for a single "zone" in Response
Had my laptop crap out on me :/

It doesn't sound like much, but I feel that having a full zone of interactions is a big step. There will be 9 zones in the game as it stands now. To figure out ways to differentiate settings and create their own related real-world issues can be difficult. I'm keeping in mind the flow of the game and what should be available from the very simplest approach of a scenario to the more intricate things that happen when you choose to interact with these scenarios. There's a certain amount of weight that I want the game to have also so I have to make sure that the responses are not always predictable and can occasionally evoke some sort of emotion.

Response is turning out to be a big project by the way that things are fleshed out right now. It doesn't feel impossible but at the rate that I'm going now, it would take longer than I would like. That's why I need to get my schedule straight and start doing more work in the mornings like I used to do a few months ago.

Hopefully you'll be seeing more updates from me in the near future. And maybe in a few months you'll be able to see a new game ready to be purchased on Steam. that would be amazing.

Until next time.