I Make it Chain

More interaction layout mapping was on the agenda this week. Another zone is mapped out and I'm 1 step closer to working on implementation.

The Mart is going to be the first vertical slice that I finish. It has been decided. It requires the least amount of time to make something look presentable. I want to start getting gifs up and that would be a great place to start.

The current guided path of interactions will be very different. It won't be starting at the Mart the first time, but it will have the chance to start at the mart beyond the first playthrough. Maybe it's not the wisest to have the first vertical slice not be a vertical slice at the beginning of the game, but I think having something to show sooner than later will be good.

I've decided to half spoil some of the scenarios that Kale and I came up with this week. The idea is to make 4 or 5 interactions that are not time sensitive and 1 that is. The half part of the spoil is that I'm not going to say what does what if you interact and how you could interact.

Scenario #1:
Person outside by the door with their hands full.

Scenario #2:
Beggar outside of the Mart.

Scenario #3:
Liquid spilled in store.

Scenario #4:
Gas leak at gas pump (there will be gas pumps)

Scenario #5:
Robber holds up the store.

Scenario #6:
Manhole cover is open near the street.

Time Sensitive information / Hidden Scenario #7:
If you spawn near the mart you will see a person walking near the mart that you wouldn't otherwise see. There's a possible interaction/interaction chain for that person.

That's the general outline of the areas that I'm mapping out.
1) Create a bunch of interactions that are not time sensitive.
2) Make some interactions minor with little consequence and others have bigger consequences.
3) Make an interaction that requires spawning at the area to realize it happens.
4) After all of the base interactions are mapped out, make cross zone interactions that require the player remember what happened where and when. This will boost replayability and add lots of variance to the story.

There it is. It feels like I'm not doing enough work because there's nothing to physically show, but there's a load of thought going into this project. When I worked my last job, I would take a few minutes here and there to write down ideas while I was at work. Now I can't really do that. Not complaining because I really like my job. It's just a little give and take.

Hope you enjoyed this post. :)

Until next time.