Another Zone Mapped Out

It's slow progress but it is progress. After a few hours work this week, I have figured out the interaction for the trailer area of the map in Response. That brings the "completed" interaction areas to 3. At the current estimated zone count, we're about 33-38% finished with the pre-coding process. I'm guessing that after all of the interactions are mapped out, there will probably be chances to add in more complex multi-zone interactions. I think it would be fun to have special interactions that require the player to play through the game a few times to figure out how to complete. The whole "time freezes when you leave a zone area" requires the player to remember what happened at a certain area and time to try to make connections to other interactions. And who's to say I couldn't tie in interactions that seemingly have no relevance to each other just to have some little Easter eggs in the game. *grins maniacally*

I enjoyed coming up with interactions and reading over the previous interaction chains this week. My notes were good enough that they still make sense enough for me to create them in Game Maker. That's very important. After everything's said and done I'll probably have 15 pages of notes for this game's interactions alone.

I'll give a little spoiler for those interested in the world map. It's super rough, and the tree next to the cat house looks like a penis, but it will at least give you an idea of what's to be expected in the next build of Response.

There it is in all of its glory. Ooh, the name of the town should be Response. I'm a genius. Not really.

This post was supposed to go up two days ago but my internet was being a butthole so it had to wait until today. I have other things to do so I'll cut it here.

Until next time.