Salt Assault Promo Video Shoot

Well, the Salt Assault video shoot is only a couple days away. I've been nervous about it all week. Tonight I dropped a bit of the nerves by taking the reigns on the leadership role and recording a video to help explain to the people involved in the video what's going down, what the lines are, and where they'll need to be. 

It's still a bit unclear who all will be there and what roles that they will be filling. I think as long as at least 5 people show up, it should be doable. 

Video production is a good skill to have if you're running a business. It's surprising how much a good video posted at the right place can help grow exposure.

I'll probably be dropping back into Blender to edit the video. It's not optimal since there are weird slowdown and sync issues in the preview but it's better than the other free movie editors that I've used.

I've also been throwing around lots of game ideas lately. I'm trying to think of something that requires low art and can be built upon in very small increments. (i.e. sit down for an hour and both visually and functionally add something to the game.) I would love to make a dungeon crawler a-la Isaac, but I don't know about the art. That's a bunch of art. Maybe if I create some sort of stylized Tron shit or something it wouldn't be too much of a pain.

I've been studying art a little bit this last week. I know that I can draw fairly well, but I haven't practiced enough and I haven't tried to replicate too much of what I think I could feasibly do on my own with enough iteration. If I could get to a point where I could confidently create quick iterations of characters, I think I wouldn't dread game art so much.

My next post will probably have a corny video.

Until next time.