The Saltiness Continues

This week I've had the chance to play test Pass to Salt a few times. Each play test had more revisions to the cards and rules. Each time I say that I feel like it's getting close. That means it must be super close now that it's at version 0.5.

I've done some brief research on manufacturers for the game and have gotten a couple estimates from places that do different parts of the production process. Unfortunately, I haven't yet been able to get an estimate from somebody who can do everything that I need done. My current estimate for the items from other places at the absolute cheapest I can find would be very close to $4000 for 1000 units or 100 displays of 10. With this I would have to hand seal each game box and display case with those clear round stickers. (it's much cheaper than having them shrink-wrapped)

I suppose if I create a Kickstarter, that should be the number that I go for. I feel like 1000 units is a good place to start. I will likely try to self-distribute and see what comes of it. If that doesn't work out well, I will try to get PHD to hook up some distribution. They're close enough to be able to drive there and drop off cases of the game if I need to, which should save on shipping costs.

I still need to work a bit on the final card back art, card box art, and outer display art. That's what's currently on my white board. I have the basic dimensions already figured out for these things. I'm sure that it wouldn't take much for a printer/manufacturer to fix anything that might need slight modification after I have the art done.

That's basically what I've been up to; working on this card game. I really want to make a legit version of it and try to sell some copies. It would be quite nice to make a few bucks from something that I've created. 

Until next time.