Rules and Colors

chosen card back.jpg

I feel bad for missing a week on here. I had too much fun on Monday and totally forgot to update everything.

I've been cracking on Salt Assault pretty hard lately. The card content is nailed down, the box art is pretty much nailed down, the card back is nailed down, the print colors are nailed down, and I just finished up the rules sheet final layout. I say final, but after a few groups read it and try to learn to play using it, I'm sure I'll have to make a few changes. I think the layout is pretty nice though.

I contacted a local print shop to make some demo copies of the game. They're going to run me about $42 each, and I have to get a minimum of 5. If I get 10, they're closer to $32 each. I'm hoping that I can send some art out and have some demo copies started printing this weekend. It's supposedly going to take 2-3 weeks to get everything finished. I'm probably going to use the money that I've been saving from selling my Magic cards to pay for the prints.

 Paper Box Mockup

Paper Box Mockup

It's super late right now. I just spent a few hours working on the new rules and time got away from me. 

I'll update with more news in the near future. 

Until next time.