New Game. New Media.

This week, I was inspired to create a card game. I wanted to make something simple enough for the average person to be able to play. It seemed like every card game that I had an idea for previously was very mechanically complex. I know from my digital game development experience that less is generally more with a single man team when making a game.

The inspiration was taken from the clientele at my day job. I work at a gaming shop. the customers are playing games all day. If you sit around people playing games all day, you start to notice a trend in moods. People get excited about good plays or close games. People also get salty about plays that they didn't like or agree with or losing the game. The salty times make the mood weird in the room.

Enter "Pass the Salt", the game where there is no winner, one loser, and lots of salt.

The play structure of the game is, each player draws a hand of cards. After deciding who goes last, players go in clockwise order playing action cards. One card may say, reveal 2 white cards. Other players may then either punctuate or negate the action card with other cards. If the targeted player doesn't fulfill or negate the action card, they get salt.

The punctuations and negates are where the game gets fun. They're all insults. I sort of combined a mechanic with what people are thinking when they use the mechanic. It's meant to be a sort of friendly insult sort of game. 

During the first playtest I definitely found some holes in the base mechanics that I need to patch up. People instantly got the spirit of the game though and had a lot of fun. I now need to find the right card quantity balance, and a few extra rules clarifications to make things easier to understand.


Hopefully, I'll have more opportunities to test the game in its evolving states and have something ready to pitch to game companies or distributors. I feel like this is something that could sell. The core of the game should be relatively inexpensive, keeping the price of the game down. The game is made to make people laugh, which people generally like to do.

I'll keep cracking on it. 

Until next time.