Well, I've done a pretty bang up job of keeping track of my game development time this week but I have definitely been working on it. 

I decided to start working on the finalized art which, due to my lack of practice, takes me a while to get to a acceptable result. I don't want to post too much of the progress here, but I will post a bit that I worked on today.

Here's the new couch. I figured, since it's a pretty central part of the game, it only made sense that I let people see the new and improved one. I don't know why anybody would throw away a couch in this type of condition. Must be a rich neighborhood. Or maybe some foul play happened on the couch. Maybe an animal has done something to the back side of it? Who knows. It's kind of fun trying to think of origin stories for the couch.

Aside from the couch, I know have trees, a sidewalk (that I'm not super happy with) and a horizon treeline(that is also kind of so so). Tomorrow, I plan on working on the road, the mailboxes, the bushes(which I should be able to replicate from the treeline). If time permits, I may start work on one of the houses as well. I feel like there's only going to be a bit of texturing to do to the houses as well as color adjustment and minor aging. The basic structure with the current perspective and outline looks pretty good. The couch was that way, actually. You can see that it's the exact same outline.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. I have a early nose doctor appointment that I'm not too excited about. More money getting drained from the savings. After that, more applying for jobs, more art work, then I'm off to play some cube draft Magic:The Gathering. I haven't done that in a while. Should be fun. 

I'll squeeze in another post before next week, hopefully with a full art update! Keep your eyes open for it.

Until next time.


Time Spent Since Last Post: Very rough estimate....9 hours?